For Home Builders
We have been members of the Valley Home Builders Association for almost 8 years. Are you a builder of a few homes a year or do you build 20+ homes a year? Maybe you have a treasured Parade home that deserves the kind of promotion only we can provide to your event. Either way, we can match our marketing to fit your needs. From web sites designed for specific properties, including full motion video of the homes themselves, or a CD brochure like this one for an inventory of home designs that you wish to promote. We can help. Ask to meet us for a no commitment conversation to exchange ideas!
For Developers
Do you have a subdivision that is ready for, or is lacking in, promotion? Imagine a CD that includes all pdf documents for each and every lot, along with a picture or video of each lot. A potential buyer could click on the lot they may be interested and get the information they want. Added to it could be a promotion for your own company or others. We have the technology. Do you have the job?
For Home Buyers
Not every new subdivision development is ready for a home. We have our reasons and are willing to share. Many times the reason is simply due to timing both for the development or for a person's position in life. I have heard people say "I wish we waited until more people were here." " I wish we waited until we knew what was going in next door" "I wish we waited until the kids were out of school." Ask us for a no commitment consultation and if you are ready to build we can name no less than 4 clients that have purchased VHBA Parade homes directly from VHBA builders.

For all three groups I say, we are marketing experts and are highly skilled in the art of negotiations. What's more is we are honest and as part of our own ethics, not just a business ethic, we refuse work if we don't believe in it. We have and will likely continue to do so. What real estate goals do you have and do you think we could help?