Is it your first home, or are you making a change?  Our experience, in helping hundreds before you, can be a great asset to you.  Our experience can help you navigate thru the process.  Sometimes people think it is as simple as 1. See a home.  2. Buy a home  3. Show up at closing and buy the home.  In between there are questions, home inspections questions, radon and arsenic questions, not to mention negotiations.  We have familiarity with these things and can help your goals be reached, as we like to work for you, preferably as a buyer's agent, putting your interests first.

If you are moving in with a local employer, know that our company works with most EVERY national relocation plan.   Have confidence that you can ask to interview us to help you with your relocation needs.  Don't just be assigned a Realtor, rather than start with someone you don't know, interview and be confident in your choice.  We are happy to be interviewed by you in a non committal meeting at our office or elsewhere.

Warning: Are you choosing your next REALTOR only because of the  homes they are advertising, or because they are QUALIFIED to handle your moving and relocation needs?  Remember, some agents that are advertising homes are possibly selling for a family member, a builder they work for exclusively, or maybe a seller that wants to buy a different home that the same agent has for sale.  As you enter negotiations wouldn't you like to know that the person you have entrusted is actually putting your interests first?  We do!

We ARE Qualified and Experienced. We have five generations of home selling experience.  Will your next agent have less? Request a relocation package for starters and let us know how we can introduce our services.