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If you are moving into the Fox Valley for the first time, I have one genuine but difficult question to ask; "Who will you trust?"  I ask because if you are going to make a home purchase, would you not like to interview an agent that you are confident will work for you?  Not just work for you, but work with YOUR interests ahead of all other interests.
I have educated buyers that have later learned what they initially wanted was not in their best interests, both short and long term.  We care about your goals.  We ask what they are.  Will you be moving in and told which agent to work with or will you interview agents to see who you have confidence?  Our company works with most every national relocation company and if you are moving here for work, your employer no doubt knows our company.  Call us for an interview.  If your employer is recommending a broker for you, at least be confident in the agent you are going to work with.  We have over 300 fellow agents in our own company and are happy to have the competition better the service you receive.
National statistics show that buyers working under a buyer agency agreement with their REALTOR see more homes and find their home quicker.  And that's just the beginning.  Click on the links below to learn more about Agency and how it could play a role in how you find your home.


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