Tricia and Scott Roh's adoption story begins in 1997. The couple, Tricia, an audiologist, and Scott, a Realtor, had tried for three years to become pregnant. They went through different fertility procedures and dur­ing this time her husband had to battle cancer. They decided it was time to investigate adoption.
Tricia obtained information regarding adoptions, much of which was online and went to an in-formational meeting at Lutheran Social Services in Appleton. LSS explained their adoption programs and they decided to pursue their international adoption program from the Philippines. At that time, they were told LSS only accepted a limited number of families per program and that a lottery is done to determine who will be accepted. Tricia chose to put the couple's name in the lottery because it may have been years before the couple was chosen. They were surprised and excited when they re­ceived the acceptance letter from LSS a few weeks later.

"We had received the acceptance letter the same week we learned our most recent fertility treatment was unsuccessful," Tricia says. "We were told the adoption process takes about 18 months. During those 18 months we filled out a lot of paperwork, went to classes to help pre-pare us for our new arrival and waited," she says.

      The Good News The Roh's Were Awaiting! "Eleven months into this process we received our phone call. They had matched us with a 20-month-old boy, Jun Carlo. We immediately accepted the referral and then had to wait again until all the documents were ready for us to travel to the Philippines," Tricia says.  Tricia and Scott received an e-mail photo of Jun Carlo at this time which made the wait seem almost unbearable, seeing what an adorable little boy he was. "It was very hard," the couple admits. In April 2002, they received the phone call they
were waiting for and were ready to make travel arrangements to Manila. At last Jun Carlo would be coming home to them! At the time, Jun Carlo was being taken care of by a foster mom in the southern Philippines. (The Roh's know nothing of his parent's whereabouts or if they are even alive.) The Roh's were unable to fly to the southern region of the Philippines due to safety concerns in that part of the country, so it was de­termined that we were to meet him in Manila. After a long flight they finally met their son. The Roh's spent four days in the Philip-pines and arrived back in Neenah on May 2, 2002. Jun Carlo (we began calling him JC) was not 2 years old.
Today, JC is a happy and well adjusted kindergartner, although somewhat quiet and shy at school. His parents are working with him to become more assertive among his peer group and that is going well. Tricia and Scott simply adore him and that is quite obvious after a visit to meet them all at the Roh household.
Another Addition to the Family JC became a big brother to baby Matthew in December of 2003. Prior to the adoption of JC, the couple discussed having or adopting a sibling for him.
They had some frozen embryos left from their failed fertility treatments in December 2000.   The odds of becoming preg­nant this way are lower but they were not going to let those embryos sit in a freezer. To their surprise, Tricia became pregnant and Matthew was born.
"Today both boys have fun playing to­gether and JC loves being a big brother. When the boys are older we will share this story with them and explain that although Matthew was
conceived before we began the adoption process, JC needed to join our family first so he could be the big brother," Tricia says.
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